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Simulations of stockmarket and other trading exchange eco-systems.

Environment simulations for defense systems.

Custom simulations.

What we do

Xilytix develops simulations of system environments. It is important to note that we do not develop simulations of systems themselves - rather we simulate the environments they operate in.

For example, we are currently developing a simulation of a stock exchange environment. This simulation can reproduce the behaviour of traders and participants generating orders in an exchange’s eco-system.

As part of the simulation, we also develop adapters which connect to the system’s external interfaces. (For example, in the case of an exchange environment simulation, we may connect to the exchange’s FIX and ITCH based interface.) The simulation can be then used to realistically drive the system whose environment is being simulated.


Once an environment simulation has been developed, it can be connected to the system (or a simulation of the system) to provide services such as:

Xilytix can provide one or more of these services as part of its development of the environment simulation.

Environment is our core

The advantage of a separate environment simulation is that we can provide greater environment fidelity. We aim to provide a wider range of environment manipulations and provide more sophisticated simulation services.

If a system provider does not supply a simulation of their system, we can still provide the simulation services. In this case, our environment simulation can be directly connected to an extra ‘real’ system to provide services such as training, certification, playgrounds etc.

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For more information about our products or the services we provide, please contact one of our consultants.